What is the A5 Feed Neck and what does it do?

The A5 feed neck is a connector which replaces the Tippmann cyclone feed system on your A5 or X7 marker. By using this feed neck in place of the cyclone feed players are able to use the hopper of their choice instead of being limited to the cyclone exclusively.

What advantages does this give me?

By utilizing one of the many hoppers available in the paintball industry players can fine tune their paintball gun performance with increased rates of fire. Some indirect advantages include lowering the gun's profile which makes it a smaller target for opponents and by no longer using your air tank to feed paintball players will get more shots per tank keeping them on the field longer.

Will I have to modify my Tippmann gun to use this feed neck?

No. The A5 feed neck is designed to use al existing mounting hardware and existing features on the gun. Players will be able to freely switch between our feed neck and the stock cyclone feed as they see fit.

Is the clamp adjustable?

The clamp on the A5 feed neck is machined from aircraft grade aluminum and has a locking cam arm and an adjustable bolt which will allow you to adjust the clamp force to securely hold your hopper.

Can I order offline without using PayPal?

Yes. If you would like to place an order but do not want to use PayPal you can call us at 815-382-8911 and place an order over the phone.